DC architecture

Here are my favourite organisations and websites directly or indirectly involved with conserving, showcasing, celebrating–or mourning the loss of–historic architecture and buildings in the District:

DC Preservation League: Grew out of a group of activists who sought in 1971 to prevent the (umpteenth attempt at a) demolition of the Old Post Office. Now an organisation with the mandate to preserve and protect DC’s historic buildings.

DC Historical Society: Got its start in 1894, to gather and disseminate knowledge about the city’s history. One of their very cool initiatives: the Urban Photography Series, which trains regular residents to photographically capture their and DC’s ever-changing neighbourhoods and houses.

Ghosts of DC: A website launched in 2012 that documents the “lost and untold” history of DC. Tonnes of awesome photos of buildings that have now dramatically changed or are no more.

Streets of Washington: This blog, which got started in 2009, showcases images of historical DC structures. What’s particularly nice is that most images are accompanied by plenty of backstory.


And then there are myriad pages, in more general websites, that pictorially document DC’s architectural treasures–many of them long gone:

DC’s lost landmarks

Looking into the past

DC buildings, churches and landmarks